Welcome to TAICHIUSA !

FREE Saturday Morning Tai Chi with Bas at 9:30 to 10 am!

Yang Style Tai Chi, Push Hands, Qigong, Weapons, Xingyiquan, Shaolin Kung Fu, 

 Wu Shan/ Fan, Stretching, Meditation, Pilates Mat



TAICHIUSA is recognized as:

1995—authorized branch of the Chinese Healing Arts Centers under the auspices of Dr. T.K. Shih and his family.

1996—a Yang Chengfu Center, the fourth center established in the USA.


 Download the 2016 Brochure

During inclement weather there are no classes when public schools are closed, when snow accumulation is 3 inches or more and when ice conditions exist. If  Public Schools have a delayed opening no morning classes but we will have evening classes.

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